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Benedicte Aarestrup

Clinical Instructor of Child Counseling in the Child Study Center

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Benedicte Aarestrup

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I initiated my career as a Marriage and Family therapist at the Yale Child Study Center in 2016, working at York Outpatient program as well as in-home intensive programs. Over time I have specialized my clinical practice as a therapist, working with clients of all ages and developmental stages, in the dynamics of individual, couples and family constellations. I have great passion for engaging with systemic barriers, intergenerational emotional processes, family communication, and attachment theory while using Person of the Therapist (POTT) methodology.

Since 2021 I have been honored to add a role at the clinic as an intern supervisor to Marriage and Family Students from both local and out of state MFT programs. My approach to supervision is using systems theory and Self of the Therapist lens, privileging collaboration, co-construction, creating mutual trust and building safety within the training environment. To ensure growth and expansion of the clinical skills of our interns I am keenly observant of each intern’s individual readiness and their engagement with the process of learning. Observing their individual process along with the group processes informs my guidance and curriculum.

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