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Riva Ariella Ritvo-Slifka, PhD

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Riva Ariella Ritvo-Slifka, PhD



Dr. Riva Ariella Ritvo has worked in the area of autism and developmental disabilities for many years. Until 2007, she served the field by working as a child therapist and researcher. After closing her clinical practice, she has continued her teaching and research activities. Dr. Ritvo has published multiple articles on the subject of Autism Spectrum Disorder ( Dr. Ritvo created the Ritvo Autism Asperger Diagnostic Scale-Revised (RAADS-R), a self-report measure to assist clinicians in diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder. The instrument has been validated and cited in the medical literature numerous times. It has been translated into multiple languages.

Dr. Riva Ariela Ritvo currently holds a position of Assistant Clinical Professor at the Child Study Center, Yale School of Medicine. She contributes to the training mission of the center by lecturing in the undergraduate course, Psychology 350, Autism and Related Disorders.

Dr. Ritvo collaborates with many autism researchers at the Child Study Center and has recently completed a study with Dr. James McPartland the Yale research team in a multi-site study of the electroretinogram as a potential biomarker for children with autism spectrum disorder.

She continues to collaborate with RADDS-R adaptation and translations, most recently to French, German and Portuguese.

Education & Training

  • PhD
    California Graduate Institute (2006)

Departments & Organizations