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YCSC Medical-Legal Partnership Webinar Released

June 06, 2023

A first of its kind Medical-Legal Partnership (MLP) run in collaboration between the Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) and the Center for Children’s Advocacy (CCA) offers legal support for children suffering from family trauma and environmental stressors impacting their lives. Powerful impacts for YCSC families and providers alike have been documented, and a new 20-minute webinar is now available to provide an overview of the work including some case examples.

YCSC Associate Clinical Director Christiana Mills, LCSW begins the webinar by noting, “This collaboration is the only medical legal partnership in the country dedicated exclusively to interdisciplinary advocacy in a children's behavioral health setting.” Mills then introduces YCSC MLP Director Kathryn Meyer, Esq. to address some background on the partnership, related activities including training and legislative advocacy, and some de-identified case discussion with YCSC clinician Anamaria Orozco, LCSW.

The YCSC MLP receives approximately 150 referrals per year, with roughly 70% related to educational issues. Most referrals also lead to provider consults, about which Meyer commented, “When we're imparting information and advocacy tips to clinicians, we're also really aiming to impart this information to families, continuing to empower them and help them get the tools that they need to advocate for their children. We have amazing parents who come through these doors, who've done so much themselves, and just need a few more tools…to get what they need for their child.”

Submitted by Crista Marchesseault on March 10, 2023