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Cipriano’s Meta-Analysis Recognized as 2022-2023 Top Cited Paper in Child Development

April 24, 2024
by Linda Torv

In July 2023, Drs. Christina Cipriano, associate professor in the Child Study Center, and Michael Strambler, associate professor of psychiatry, and their interdisciplinary team of 10 researchers published a comprehensive meta-analysis consisting of 424 experimental studies of K-12 social emotional learning (SEL) programming, reflecting over 50 counties and more than 250 discrete SEL programs over the last decade. This first of its kind study, The State of Evidence for Social and Emotional Learning: A Contemporary Meta-Analysis of Universal School-Based SEL Interventions, has now been recognized as the Top Cited Article in 2022-2023 for Wiley’s Child Development.

Submitted by Linda Torv on April 24, 2024