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Yale Center for Traumatic Stress and Recovery (YCTSR)

Introduction to the Childhood Violent Trauma Center

The Yale Childhood Violent Trauma Center is the Trauma Section of the Yale Child Study Center. The Yale Child Study Center is renowned for its research, clinical services, training programs, policy work, and local, state, national, and international collaboration conducted by its faculty.

For more than two decades, faculty of the Childhood Violent Trauma Center have combined direct clinical experience with advances in scientific and practical knowledge and translated this into the development of groundbreaking interventions for traumatized children and families.

The multi-disciplinary CVTC team provides trauma-informed treatments and services to children and families, builds professional knowledge through clinical research, and advances the field of child trauma treatment through collaboration, training and dissemination. The Yale Child Study's centers strengths are reflected in the breadth and integrative nature of research, clinical services, and training of the CVTC.

  • The Childhood Violent Trauma Center operates a Trauma Clinic offering a range of treatments and interventions for children and adolescents who are struggling with traumatic reactions and disorders following violent or overwhelming events.
  • CFTSI is a brief (4‐8 session), evidence‐based early intervention for children 7 to 18 years old that reduces traumatic stress reactions and PTSD. CFTSI is implemented immediately following a traumatic event (or events), such as physical or sexual abuse, or the disclosure of a traumatic event (or events). 

  • The Child Development-Community Policing (CD-CP) program is a national model of law enforcement-mental health collaboration designed to reduce the negative impact of children’s exposure to violence by coordinating the response of law enforcement, mental health, and other social service professionals from the initial moment of crisis.

  • The faculty of the Childhood Violent Trauma Center frequently consults with agencies and communities in the aftermath of acts of terror and natural disaster. We have developed numerous resources for parents and professionals helping children and families affected by catastrophic events .

  • The Childhood Violent Trauma Center is working in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP) to equip law enforcement professionals in their vital roles helping children and families exposed to violence through identification and trauma-informed response.


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