Minding the Baby®


Grounded in attachment theory and reflective parenting, Minding the Baby® (MTB) home visiting provides an integrated model of care for first-time young mothers and their families that bridges primary care and mental health approaches to enhancing the mother-infant relationship.

Our clinicians provide direct clinical service for young families, who also participate in voluntary research. The pilot phase of the research program began in 2002, when the first MTB families were recruited. The intervention has since been tested in two federally supported randomized controlled trials (RCTs) in New Haven, Connecticut. On-going pro-gram evaluation research continues to be a part of the clinical work in New Haven and through MTB implementing agencies throughout the U.S. and abroad. Over 250 families have been enrolled in MTB research efforts in New Haven.

We are currently in the analysis phase of a federally funded 5-year RCT to test the efficacy of the intervention. Initial findings in the sample have been very encouraging and suggest strongly that highly trained, interdisciplinary teams with a focus on the development of reflective parenting are particularly well suited to improving outcomes high-risk mothers, babies, and their families.

Participant Eligibility/Benefits

  • Voluntary and preventive intervention delivered to young English-speaking families living in resource-constrained urban neighborhoods such as New Haven
  • Eligible pregnant women receiving prenatal care at Fair Haven Community Health Clinic during their 16th-20th week of pregnancy
  • Outside referrals may also be accepted, pending caseload availability.
  • Medically low-risk pregnant women who are: between the ages of 14 and 25; first-time expectant mothers; no active, serious drug use; and have no serious physical or psychological illness

Research Interest

Effectiveness of integrated model of care for first-time young mothers that enhances the mother-infant relationship

IRB Study Title(s)

Minding the Baby: A Home Intervention Study (HIC# 0206017098)

Minding the Baby: A Home Intervention Evaluation Study (HIC# 1402013377)

Maternal Protective Factors in Multiethnic Maternal-Child Dyads: A Study of Physiological, Health and Developmental Outcomes in School Age Children (HIC# 1607018027)

Contact Information

Phone: 203-785-5589

Email: mindingthebaby@yale.edu

URL: www.mtb.yale.edu