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Yale Child Study Center announces new leadership for pediatric psychology program

July 13, 2023

Effective July 1, 2023, Yale Child Study Center (YCSC) Associate Professor Laurie Cardona, PsyD and Assistant Professor Maggie Stoeckel, PhD are assuming new leadership positions for the department’s pediatric psychology program. Cardona is the new clinical director of ambulatory pediatric psychology and Stoeckel is serving as associate clinical director of pediatric psychology.

Cardona and Stoeckel will be responsible for overseeing the continued program development of pediatric psychology services, with the aim of embedding behavioral health services across a broader range of primary care and medical subspecialities within the Yale New Haven Health (YNHH) system. In addition to supporting and mentoring current YCSC pediatric psychology faculty, they will also lead national recruitment efforts to attract additional pediatric psychology faculty to grow the program.

Cardona has been practicing pediatric psychology for over 30 years within YNHH. She developed integrated models of behavioral health consultation within several ambulatory pediatric specialty clinics, including 13 years of clinical practice within pediatric oncology. Additionally, she has been serving as co-director of the Inpatient Pediatric Consultation-Liaison Service and she developed the pediatric psychology track within the YCSC psychology training program.

“I am honored to assume the position of clinical director of ambulatory pediatric psychology,” said Cardona. “A primary advantage of integrating Child Study Center pediatric psychologists into a broad range of ambulatory pediatric settings is the increased opportunities for early identification of developmental and mental health problems, which can in turn, greatly reduce the disparities in early access to evidence-based psychological treatments that exist in ethnically and racially diverse populations.”

Stoeckel is a pediatric psychologist with a gastrointestinal (GI) specialization. She has expertise in program development and the growth of interdisciplinary services within complex medical systems. Stoeckel began her career in the Pacific Northwest, where she led the growth of several pediatric psychology services in a variety of settings, including academic medical centers and community clinics.

Since her arrival at Yale in 2021, Stoeckel has contributed to the growth of YCSC ambulatory pediatric psychology, including her leadership as the director of the GI Psychology Service, a fully interdisciplinary service offering collaborative care to complex GI patients. Stoeckel continues her leadership roles in the field of pediatric psychology on a national level and looks forward to continuing to collaborate with her talented colleagues at Yale.

It is a true honor to be able to partner with such a dynamic group,” said Stoeckel. “As pediatric psychologists, we are uniquely positioned to guide our medical system in doing better by our patients through interdisciplinary care which reduces health disparities and better serves patients in underserved and underrepresented groups. I am grateful for our existing pediatric psychology faculty and look forward to continuing to grow our regional and national reputation as a hub for pediatric psychology care.“

Submitted by Crista Marchesseault on July 11, 2023