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Yale Child Study Center 2020 Graduates: M.Res. in Developmental Neuroscience & Psychopathology, Anna Freud Centre and University College London

June 19, 2020

Ellie Baker, BSc (Hons) Has completed her MRes in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology based between UCL and Yale University. Ellie is returning to London to Kings College to undertake a PhD, carrying out a Randomised Control Trial of a parenting intervention, empowering parents empowering communities- recovery, for parents who have personality disorders. She spent the last year working in Dr. Carla Stover’s lab on her research into early adversity and fathers who perpetrator IPV and has really enjoyed being part of the Yale Child Study Centre community. "I have learnt so much from Dr. Stover about how to be a successful researcher and Clinician and I am very excited to take this forward next year and my career beyond," she says.

Sarah Bakirci, MRes has completed her Masters of Research in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology and will be pursuing doctoral opportunities to specialize in the neuroscience of childhood adversity with the goal of becoming a clinician and a researcher. "The past two years completing my master’s at UCL and Yale University have allowed for tremendous growth on multiple fronts for me and I will forever be grateful for the people who have supported me throughout this journey, notably Dr. Dylan Gee and Dr. Helena Rutherford," she says.

Angelika Bracher, BSc has completed her Masters of Research degree in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology and will be moving to Leipzig in Germany to start her PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. She has spent the past year doing exciting new awake infant fMRI research in Dr. Nicholas Turk-Browne’s lab and will miss this line of work as well as the many colleagues that have become good friends over the months. "Lastly, I want to thank everyone on the DNP program for the past two years. It has been an incredible experience which has gone by far too quickly!"

Abi Eveleigh completed her Masters of Research in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology. During the last year she's worked with the Early Childhood team at the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence. She has worked on a large-scale study testing the efficacy of RULER in preschools. "I have really enjoyed this learning experience and have recently accepted a postgraduate research position in the RULER for All team at the YCEI which is looking to adapt social and emotional learning for special education classrooms and different learning needs. I am excited for this new challenge and to be returning to New Haven and the CSC for another year. I am so grateful for the guidance of my mentors Drs Craig Bailey and Irem Korucu over the past year, as well as the rest of the wonderful IES team."

Elisa Fumika Stern, BA, has been under the guidance of Drs. Sarah Yip and Sarah Lichenstein in the Yale Imaging and Psychopharmacology lab in the Department of Psychiatry this year. "It was the most educational and enjoyable experience, and I could not be more appreciative of all of the guidance and patience that they and other members of the lab provided to support my growth as a collaborative researcher," she says. This upcoming year, she is continuing her work at Yale University, conducting psychopharmacology treatment research in the OCD division of the Clinical Neuroscience Research Unit. She will be working under the guidance of Drs. Christopher Pittenger and Ben Kelmendi for one year, while applying to a range of Clinical Psychology programs for a hopeful 2021 matriculation. "I am very excited to continue learning and developing my research and clinical skills by immersing myself in the incredible work being done at Yale."

Kenneth Ka Shu Lee graduated from the UCL-Yale MRes programme in developmental neuroscience and psychopathology, and will be undertaking a DPhil in the UK, researching emotion regulation and interoceptive inference in autism. He has spent the past year at Child Study Center studying the neural correlates of childhood irritability with Dr. Wan-Ling Tseng and participated in various research projects with her collaborators at Yale. "I’m very thankful for the opportunity to be part of CSC, where people treat each other not only as colleagues but family members who care for one another in all times unconditionally. I wish CSC all the best with its incredible work and leadership in the many decades that follow, looking after the minds of children and families.”

Paris Lee Bsc completed a Masters of Research in Developmental Neuroscience and Psychopathology working in the Smith Lab here at Yale. Over this past year, Paris has worked on a study focused on the material hardships that surround mothers in poverty and how this influences both a mother’s mental health and their children’s physical health. "I plan on travelling for the next year or two and hope to work in different labs around the world. Upon return, I hope to start my PhD. I am sad to be leaving Yale and I am so grateful for the guidance of my mentors, Dr Megan Smith and Ashley Clayton, as well as my course leader, Dr. Helena Rutherford."

Rosalind McAlpine, BA spent this year investigating the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying adolescent anxiety. "Working in Dr. Crowley’s Developmental Electrophysiology lab inspired me to continue research: in September, I will begin the Wellcome-UCL Mental Health Sciences PhD, with a focus on clinical psychopharmacology. My research will investigate the mechanisms underling the therapeutic effects of psilocybin/psychedelics on intergroup relations and prejudice reduction. My experiences at Yale have been so valuable, and I have been inspired by so many people, both within and beyond the lab setting."

Emily Owen, BSc spent this year at the Affect Regulation and Cognition Lab with Drs Jutta Joormann and Reuma Gadassi Pollack as my mentors. "I have thoroughly enjoyed broadening my research experience whilst completing my thesis on rumination and eating behaviour in mothers and adolescents. I strongly believe in the importance of translating research to evidence-based clinical practice, and plan to spend the next year working as a CBT therapist, before embarking on a doctorate in clinical psychology. I would like to thank all who have been a part of my experience at Yale for making this year so enlightening and enjoyable!"

Sarah Peoples, BSc completed her Masters of Research in Developmental Neuroscience & Psychopathology. She will continue to train in neuroimaging and clinical research before applying for doctoral training in clinical psychology and neuroscience this fall. She spent the past year at the Yale Child Study Center studying the neurobiological and psychological correlates underlying the transition to parenthood, with a particular focus on expectant fathers. "I am endlessly grateful to Dr. Helena Rutherford, the Before and After Baby Lab, and my fellow course mates for their constant support and an incredible year that I’ll never forget."

Submitted by Lauren Perry on June 19, 2020