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Yale Child Study Center 2020 Graduates: Social Work and Nursing Programs

June 19, 2020

Social Work Program:

Hannah Bowen, LMSW has completed the Advanced Clinical Social Work Fellowship program and plans to deepen her clinical foundation after graduation. She has spent the last two years training as a clinician within IICAPS (Intensive In-Home Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Services) and the Trauma Section. Outside of the rich direct practice experience, her training also included learning from and participating in the CDCP (Child Development Community Policing Program) community partnership; joining CNET (Community Neighborhood Engagement Team); as well as the opportunity to better understand the CSC community itself through The CSC Stories project. "The atmosphere of growth and professional nurturing was communicated on the first day of the fellowship and carried throughout," she says. "Thank you all for directly contributing to my development of knowledge, confidence, and inspiration over the last two years."

Rachel Voit, LMSW: After completing the Clinical Social Work Fellowship at the Yale Child Study Center Outpatient Clinic, she is moving back to my home state of Wisconsin to work as a Wilderness Therapist for New Vision Wilderness Therapy. "Thank you to my co-fellows, the leaders of the social work fellowship and particularly Karyn Bailey, my supervisors, the leadership team at the outpatient clinic, and the Child Study Center at large for supporting my personal and professional growth over the past two years. I’m grateful for you all!"

Nursing Program:

Patricia Nguyen, PMHNP has completed her child and adolescent psychiatry clinical rotation at the Yale Child Study Center Outpatient Clinic. She plans to work in outpatient child and adolescent psychiatry as a nurse practitioner in New York. She has spent the past year developing her psychiatric evaluation and psychopharmacological management skills. She is grateful to have had such a rich learning experience at YCSC. She will always appreciate the support and mentorship of her preceptor, Christopher McGirr, as well as the rest of the faculty and staff at the Yale Child Study Center.

Sarah Irvine, PMHNP completed her clinical rotation with us in IICAPS where she was able to work with Victoria Stob. Additionally, she attended clinic twice weekly. She has accepted a position at Turnbridge, an adolescent addiction treatment center in New Haven.

Submitted by Lauren Perry on June 19, 2020