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Maya Deshmukh

Contact Information

Maya Deshmukh


I graduated from the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor with degrees in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Art and Design (focusing on contemporary and figurative sculpture). As an undergraduate, I was interested in understanding how amyloid formation can be safely exploited by pathogenic bacteria to promote survival and virulence. After graduation, I spent a year at the Israel Institute of Technology on a Fulbright fellowship applying biophysical and structural biology approaches to explore structure-function relationships of functional amyloid-derived peptides and fibril-forming antimicrobial peptides. Outside of class, I practice Ashtanga yoga, train working dogs, and love to cook.

Education & Training

  • BA
    University of Michigan, Art and Design (2018)
  • BS (Hon)
    University of Michigan, Cellular and Molecular Biology (2018)