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Interfolio A&P Processes


Photo by Robert A. Lisak

Appointments, reappointments, and promotions are critical ways that the OAPD supports the faculty. Overview information can be seen on the appointments, reappointments, and promotions webpage, and more specific can be seen on the faculty track, rank and position webpage.

As of 2021, Interfolio is the system used for the administration of the appointment, reappointment, and promotion process at YSM. This is a secure, online platform that can be accessed by those involved in the varying stages of the processes. Needed information can be entered, uploaded, and reviewed by faculty, coordinators, and committees.


Interfolio can be accessed from any computer on the Yale network and logging on with university credentials. The navigation section in the upper left of the page lists "Review, Promotion, and Tenure" for the A&P functionality. Information specific to Faculty, Department FA Coordinators, Department A&P Committees, and YSM A&P Committees can be seen below.

In order to maintain confidentiality, please limit printing case file documents. If documents need to be printed, ensure that they are treated as confidential and disposed of in a secure fashion/shredded. Any questions can be directed to OAPD.


Depending on a faculty member’s departmental processes, faculty may be asked to submit information or enter it directly into Interfolio. Alternatively, this information can be uploaded on your behalf by your department’s faculty affairs coordinator. It is recommended that your CV, CV2 is reviewed by senior faculty or your mentor. A final review of this document is then highly recommended to ensure accuracy.

Uploading files directly is very easy. First, log into Interfolio as described above. In the upper left navigation section, select “Your Packets”, which will bring the candidate to their file. By selecting this, they will find the area to upload required documents by selecting “Edit”.