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Tish Knobf

Professor of Nursing

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Tish Knobf


Dr. Knobf holds a master's degree from the Yale School of Nursing and a nursing doctorate from University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Knobf's clinical practice with women with breast cancer over the past three decades has been foundational to her clinical scholarship and program of research. Her initial research study on the phenomena of weight gain in women with breast cancer on adjuvant therapy, published in 1983, resulted from the observed distress of the women experiencing a change in weight. The concept of symptom distress became an integral component in her research.

Leadership in Oncology Nursing began early in her career, being elected to the Board of Directors of the Oncology Nursing Society in 1977. Dr. Knobf's contributions to nursing have been recognized through multiple awards including the Oncology Nursing Society Excellence in Breast Cancer Education award, the Yale School of Nursing Annie Goodrich Teaching award, American Cancer Society Bronze Medal, Distinguished Service award and was the American Cancer Society Professor of Oncology Nursing. Dr. Knobf's expertise has interdisciplinary recognition and she has been selected to participate in national forums related to breast cancer.

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