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Corey Roos, PhD

Postdoctoral Fellow

Contact Information

Corey Roos, PhD

Mailing Address

  • Temple Medical Center, 40 Temple Street

    New Haven, Connecticut, 06510

    United States

Corey Roos
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I am currently a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Yale University School of Medicine, supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse T32 Training Fellowship. As a clinical researcher and clinician, I am dedicated to improving the accessibility, effectiveness, and efficiency of treatment for mental health and addictive disorders. I have particular expertise in the science and practice of mindfulness-based therapies (MBT) and am a co-author of the book Mindfulness: Advances in Psychotherapy. I also have expertise in addiction treatment and most of my research to date has focused on improving substance use disorder treatment. 

Mindfulness in general is rapidly growing in popularity, yet mindfulness practice and treatment can be misunderstood. Mindfulness is not simply about relaxation or concentrating on one thing and blocking others things out. Rather, mindfulness and mindfulness-based therapy approaches are all about learning and systematically practicing mindfulness meditation and on-the-go daily mindful skills for enhancing several core interrelated self-regulation abilities: 1) acting with awareness, 2) distress tolerance,  3) cognitive distancing, and 4) attentional shifting, and 5) internal cue awareness. 

My specific areas of research include:

  1. Extending the Reach of Mindfulness to Underserved Populations via Pragmatic Adaptions and Technology
  2. Using Person-Centered Analyses to Advance Precision Addiction Treatment (matching treatments to patients) 
  3. Applying Contextual Models to Understand Self-Regulation as a Mechanism of Change in Addiction Recovery
  4. Identifying Clinically Meaningful Reductions in Substance use 


Education & Training

  • PhD
    University of New Mexico, Clinical Psychology (2018)