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Faculty Teaching Resources

Teaching and education are central elements of the Yale School of Medicine’s mission. There is a broad scope of target audiences, including students in our MD, MD-PhD, and PA programs, as well as residents, fellows, and fellow faculty.

There is a range of fulfilling opportunities for YSM faculty to engage with varying learners, as well as resources to help make faculty become better educators in the classroom, laboratory, and clinical settings.

Optimizing your Teaching

Yale Center for Medical Education fosters and supports excellence in medical education at YSM. The Center faculty and staff are available to provide expertise and innovation in educator development, assessment, learning technologies, and curriculum design, as well as medical education research and scholarship. They oversee a number of programs, offer educator development sessions, and are available for individual consultation. Of note, the office also leads the Committee to Review Student Participation in research, which reviews research protocols that enroll Yale medical school students prior to submission to the IRB. Specific programs that faculty may want to explore include:

Yale Poorvu Center for Teaching and Learning offers support for faculty with online, blended, and in-person education.

Yale Center for Medical Simulation is a state-of-the-art center that provides members of the YSM community an ideal learning environment for supervised and independent practice with a focus on group communication and teamwork, but also specific technical skill.

SYN:APSE center for learning, transformation, and innovation is a related Yale New Haven Hospital resource.

Teaching Evaluations

The evaluations that our trainees complete can provide invaluable feedback that faculty should use to guide their development. Just as feedback to trainees is used to help them, feedback to faculty should be used in a similar fashion. Evaluations should be reviewed on a periodic basis and attention paid to suggested areas for improvement.

Medhub is the platform used for teaching evaluations from the clinical setting. Under the index page, select “Evaluations” along the top bar and then “Aggregate Evaluations” under the sub bar. Aggregated scoring and comments can be reviewed there. If you do no not have access to that option, please contact your department registrar.

Teaching summary letters are compiled by the Center for Medical Education for faculty who are being considered for promotion to associate professor with tenure and professor on the clinician-educator, clinician-scientist, and traditional tracks. These letters summarize educational leadership and curriculum development, faculty development in medical education, and teaching assessments for respective department chairs and A&P Committees.

Teaching House Staff & Graduates

Graduate Medical Education (GME) Office supports the the residents and fellows of Yale New Haven Hospital and offers much information about related programs.

Yale Combined Program in the Biologic and Biomedical Sciences (BBS) offers graduate training.

Office for Postdoctoral Affairs works with departments to appoint, support, and train our postdoctoral community.

Teaching Students

Educating MD, MD-PhD, PA, and PA Online students provides a wonderful opportunity for YSM faculty to contribute to YSM's education mission and both help shape and learn from the next generation of physicians, scientists, and PAs.

Below are some examples of how you can engage with teaching and mentoring. The Office of Medical Education at Yale has delineated additional teaching and mentoring opportunities for faculty with MD, MD-PHD, PA, and PA Online students.

Faculty as Learners

Continuing Medical Education

Yale Continuing Medical Education (CME) helps develop and implement creative, ethical, and evidence-based educational opportunities that are designed to increase physician competence, enhance practice performance, promote patient safety, and, where applicable, improve patient outcomes in the populations served by the health care providers we educate.

Master of Health Sciences Degree Program

Master of Health Science (MHS) is a two-year Yale degree offered through the Yale School of Medicine (YSM) Office of Student Research (OSR). Details about this program are available on the OSR website. The MHS degree program includes a Medical Education Pathway, which is offered through the YSM Center for Medical Education.

Medical Education

At YSM, you are part of a community of learners dedicated to each other, your patients, and society.