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How to Browse

To Browse the documents in PolicyTech, either click a category label (such as “All Documents by Type”) or click the “plus” sign next to the category label.

  1. Clicking the “plus” sign next to the folder title will open the sub-categories of that category.
  2. Clicking the category title will list all documents in that category/folder.

Opening a document

To open a document, select the document from the list displayed in the right panel.

The selected document will open in a new tab.

Search for a Document Using "Browse" View

  • To search “documents within a specific category”:
    1. Select Category
    2. Enter “keyword” in the “Find search bar.”
    3. Select the magnifying glass in the top right corner.
    4. All documents that contain that keyword and are within that category will display. If you have a category selected ONLY the documents in that category are searched for by your keyword. The selected category in this case will appear highlighted in the left side navigation.
  • To search for a document throughout all PolicyTech documents, choose [ALL] option located at the top of the category list prior to typing in the keyword for your search. This will prompt the system to search across ALL categories for the relevant document. Then follow the same steps as outlined above (i.e., enter key word into the search bar and select the magnifying glass in top right corner).