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Controller's Office

The YSM Controller’s Office serves as the central finance function for the School of Medicine. Primary responsibilities include, but are not limited to costing, billing, Yale Medicine (YM) cash management, financial reporting and analysis, compliance, and monitoring. Through each of these functions, the YSM Controller’s Office provides accounting, reporting, and audit support to YSM’s departments, and quarterly to the university. The department holds a role as a strategic advisor and change leader for the School of Medicine and the broader university, when applicable.

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The Controller's Office

Recurring Deadlines

  • Fiscal year-end close and related deadlines
  • Departmental journal entry upload requests
  • Departmental clinical trial Request to Transfer Residual Balance
  • External survey requirements: AAMC, LCME, and OMS
  • Year-end invoicing requests
  • Month-end deadline
  • University Service Providers (USP) rate submission – June 30 deadline

Questions & How-Tos

Chart of Accounts & Accounting Compliance

  • COA segment usage
  • Reclassification/transfer guidance
  • Various internal assessment inquiries
  • System functionality
  • Various policy/procedure and accounting compliance inquiries

Accounting & Centralized Billing

  • Which revenue category is appropriate for invoicing?
  • How do I know if a customer is currently in Workday?
  • Why am I being charged an assessment, as the income relates to a “reimbursement”?
  • Departments often confuse suppliers with customers. For example, they believe that if a supplier is in Workday, we can invoice them. Suppliers and customers are set up by different departments and the systems/processes are separate.
  • What revenue needs to be accrued at FYE and how to properly submit vendor invoices for university accrual process?
  • What is considered a prepaid expense?

Operational & Management Metrics

  • YSM invoicing, on average, generates 250-300 invoices monthly, or 800+ quarterly. 400+ collections emails sent out monthly.
  • 150+ VA Intergovernmental Personnel Agreement (IPA)/Joint Personnel Agreement (JPA) contracts, 80+ non-VA contracts
  • Yale Medicine Cashiering Metrics – daily collections reports
  • Quality Assurance: Moveable Equipment Inventory (MEI) – audit of 10 pieces of MEI per month; University Service Provider (USP) billing – all USPs (approximately 90) are audited throughout the year.

YSM Costing

  • YSM Facilities budget, forecast, and actual expenses
  • Calculating space costs for all space types in both owned and leased buildings
  • Provide YSM guidance, training, quality assurance monitoring on billing, and ensuring compliance with policy in relation to University Service Providers
  • Space billing including patient care, space occupied by departments outside of YSM, and Research Rent in leased spaces
  • Liaison between YSM and University Controller’s Office for MEI. This includes assisting with the MEI inventory, reviewing asset transfers, assisting with tagging, quality assurance checks on equipment and data in Workday, and providing guidance to departments as needed.
  • Providing various analyses on scenarios related to space costing on an as needed basis
  • ITS bundle (FTE & Telecom) billing to departments on a quarterly basis in coordination with charges from ITS
  • Section 117 Reporting for Foreign Transactions in relation to external revenue
  • Assist the University Controller’s office on the facilities and administrative (F&A) rate proposals submitted to the federal government
  • Coordinate with facilities planning in relation to the YSM Capital Plan for Budget and Long-Range Plan

General Accounting & Financial Reporting

  • Producing year-end financial reporting and data for various organizations
  • Producing monthly financial statements to be used for decision-making purposes by senior leadership
  • Reconciliation of the YSM (non-patient) accounts receivable balances to the accounts receivable aging report monthly, and various other balances. Providing reconciliations for various quarterly balance sheet account certifications for the university.
  • Responding to external survey requests. This includes compiling information from individuals around the School of Medicine and, where applicable, the broader university.
  • Supporting the university’s annual financial statement audit through the providing of reconciliations and other audit schedules as well YU quarterly account analyses and explanations to follow-up inquiries.
  • Alerting the YSM community of accounting and policy updates in assigned areas
  • Supporting departmental internal audits through review of and response to audit findings
  • Contributing to the development of internal controls programs
  • Developing and implementing best practices
  • Sabbatical credits back to departments
  • Training provided for Accounts Receivable, and various other requests

Centralized Billing

The Centralized Billing team monitor non-sponsored accounts receivable. Departments should contact this team for all non-sponsored invoicing requests (with the exception of Keck Labs, OnCore and the Yale Center for Emotional Intelligence (YCEI) invoiced through the applicable sub-system). This team’s responsibilities include:
  • Receiving contracts provided by departments and setting up the contracts and associated billing schedules in Workday for any with pre-determined rates.
  • Acting as the first contact for all customer form requests and billing inquiries.
  • Providing assistance to departments with items such as producing accounts receivable reports and responding to accounts receivable related inquiries.
  • Monitoring the YSM accounts receivable (i.e., non-Epic), including the receivables for the sub-system interfaces noted above, and distribute reports to departments on a quarterly basis. Communicating with customers regarding payment collection for invoices generated by this team.
  • Monthly sales tax reporting

Chart of Accounts & Accounting Compliance

  • Developing, Communicating, Training and Advising on YSM COA Guidance
  • Managing Chart of Accounts Segment Requests – new, revisions, closures
  • Monitoring Chart of Accounts Segment Usage
  • Managing YSM automated assessments
  • Policy & Procedure guidance
  • Monitoring Timely Transaction processing
    • Labor suspense
    • Unapproved/Unexpensed Expense reports
    • Invoices unpaid >90 days
  • Monitoring Quarterly Financial Review Certifications
  • Processing various adjustments and allocations to departments:
    • F&A/Indirect Cost rebates or adjustments
    • GA allocation distribution
    • Academic Program Support distribution
    • Processing monthly administration allocations
  • Managing YSM Accounting Guidelines and reference documents in assigned areas
  • Serving as the local expert on Workday Financials

Grant & Contract Support & Analytics

  • Effort Report Monitoring - Includes biannual review and notification of departments of past due uncertified effort
  • Blue Ridge Institute for Medical Research Review - Review and quality assure principal investigator (PI) departments in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) report that feeds Blue Ridge rankings. Review and quality assure the PI departments in the Blue Ridge ranking table to be sure that PIs are consistent with NIH cleaned PIs
  • US News & World Report (USNWR) Survey - Develop NIH funding amounts and PI and faculty counts from the university’s internal Integrated Research Enterprise Solution (IRES) data for the USNWR ranking tables. Clean and perform quality assurance procedures over data for completeness.
  • AAMC and Related Surveys - develop grant and contracts (G&C) spending numbers needed for a variety of surveys
  • Rebate and Costing Analysis - Calculate F&A rebates associated with Molecular Biophysics and Biochemistry (MB&B) and Connecticut Mental health Center (CMHC) located awards and PIs. Ad hoc support for G&C costing matters
  • F&A Rate Negotiations - Provide general support for the F&A rate team, including analysis of cost share, subcontract, purpose codes and location codes. Calculate the YSM centric CMHC rate
  • Ad hoc analysis of all G&C related matters that elevate to the YSM Controller’s Office

YM Cashiering office

  • Daily review of all electronic cash receipts posted to the YM patient care bank account
  • Daily review and deposit of all payments received via US mail
  • Credit Card Transactions - Maintain and monitor credit card transaction processing system, including inventory of YM credit card machine merchant identification (MID) numbers and processing card payments received in non-electronic forms
  • Cash Drawer Monitoring - review, reconcile and close cash drawers located at patient care clinic locations
  • Ad Hoc Duties - Analysis and resolution of problems, including unidentified cash payments, on boarding matters, cash transit bag matters, etc.
  • More about cashiering...

Send us Ideas!

Do you have an idea that will help with cost savings or process improvement initiatives?

Here are some sample ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Implementing automated systems in place of manual procedures
  2. Cutting down on paper usage in specific areas where it is unnecessary
  3. Energy efficiency measures, like promoting power-off hours
  4. Regular review and renegotiation of specific contracts that you know could benefit
  5. Implementing preventative maintenance of facilities and equipment
  6. Reviewing purchasing processes, for example coordinating purchases to take advantage of bulk buying discounts

We want to hear your ideas!