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FY23 Progress & FY24 Goals

FY23 and FY24 are filled with major efforts to shift the efficacy, efficiency, and impact of YSM.
  • FY23 Major Initiatives

    • YSM - YNHHS funds flow redesign
    • OneFinance
      • Data/Analytics/Reporting
      • Monthly reporting package/BI dashboards (demo)
      • Monitoring dashboards
      • Faculty lifecycle/regression model (demo)
      • Joint YSM/YNHHS balanced scorecard
    • Policy and procedure library
    • Space database/facilities master plan
    • Research administration/productivity (demo)
  • FY23 Other Initiatives & Progress

    • Facilities and Administration federal rate negotiation (67.5%)
    • Faculty compensation/workforce management
      • Department compensation plan review
      • Faculty benefits workgroup
      • Sabbaticals and triennials
      • Bodel
      • Department metrics/chair incentives workgroup
      • DEIB metrics/staff DEIB strategic plan
    • Facilities and space
      • Relocate back-office functions from 100 Church St. South to 2 Science Park
      • As part of master facilities plan – 300 George, East of Cedar, College Place planning
      • AssetWorks migration
  • FY23 Other Initiatives & Progress cont.

    • Leverage technology and automation
    • Adoption of MS Teams
    • Forms automation
    • Extra compensation
    • F&A (indirect) cost waivers
    • Cost share requests
    • YSPH separation
    • Safety and security committee
    • Mandatory BOOST training
    • YCCC and YCCI administrative reboot
    • YNHHS/EM reconciliation
    • Prosci change management training
    • LCME finance/resources/infrastructure prep

FY24 and Beyond

  • FY24 Goals

    • Implement YSM/YNHHS funds flow model
    • Internal funds flow (central YSM vs. department disequilibrium)
    • University assessment
    • Continued development of reporting and analytics
      • Research
      • People
      • Space
    • Build out intranet
    • Future of remote/hybrid work
    • Mature Integrated Business Operations (IBO) model
      • OneFinance transition
      • Peds/OB/Ortho
  • Facilities Master Plan

    Study YSM campus to inform relocation vs. reinvestment by program type.

    Conduct a comprehensive facilities condition assessment to verify accuracy and reliability of space inventory and replacement value of each asset, identify physical and functional deficiencies, assist in defining regular and preventive maintenance requirements, define capital renewal and replacement strategies to reduced deferred maintenance backlog, and assist with the development of building performance metrics like Facilities Condition Index (FCI) and Facility Quality Index (FQI).

    Develop a long-term master plan and campus vision with a flexible phasing strategy. Confirm the plan with an approved capital plan and transition project plans into capital execution.