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How to Share and Download

In order to share a document via email with another user you will need to copy the url of the document and paste it into your email client. There are two ways to do this.

Share from the Document

If you have the document open, copy the url of the document from your browser and paste it into an email client to share.

Share from Browse

From the "Browse" view, click the "..." in the "Actions" column next to the file you would like to share. Select "URLs" from the drop-down menu, which provides you with three urls to copy. You will will usually want to copy the Latest Version to share in your email.

This will provide you with a pop-up window with urls to copy. You will usually want to copy the “Latest Version” to share in your email:

Download a Document

In general, it is recommended that you always view documents in PolicyTech so you are seeing the most updated version of the information. However, if you need to download a document, click the three dots next to the file title you want to download, and select “Download Source File.” This will download the file onto your hard drive.