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YSM and YSPH Digital Signage

Calendar Module
Calendars can be customized to a specific organization at the school or use the main school calendar (or both). Users can scroll through events and tap to open the event’s details.

YSM Digital Signage is a website specifically designed for large, interactive touch screens located in public areas around the medical campus. "Attract" screens provide engaging, relevant and witty content to bring users to the screens. They can then easily get the latest weather, shuttle updates, events, news, video, and find people around campus.

Touchscreens featuring the YSM Digital Signage website are located in more than 20 locations across the School of Medicine's campus.

These screens can be purchased by departments and are easily customized to pull department-specific content through the school's people, news, and profile system. Simple to use modules include:

  • Weather: real-time local weather and forecasts. (automatically updated via a weather API)
  • Yale Shuttle Map: a real-time display of Yale buses. (managed by Yale Transit)
  • Calendar: an event calendar from the school’s event calendaring system. (managed through the Event Calendar and customizable by organization)
  • People: an integration with the school’s profile system that allows users to search for people or see lists of people alphabetically, by location or by organization. (managed through the Profile System)
  • News: news listing and articles from the schools news system. (managed through the Profile System's News Module)
  • Video: an aggregate of video and images from school websites (via Tridion), Flickr, Vimeo and YouTube. (managed via Tridion, Youtube channels and Flickr)
  • International Activity: an integration with the school’s profile system that displays a map of faculty activity from around the world. Users can view by world, continent and country. (managed through the Profile System)

Screen Cost

Interactive display screens are available in several sizes from 50" to 65". We install only 4k Ultra HD touch screens and most organizations choose the mid-range 58" screen. The cost for the screen and signage computer is currently: .

  • 50": $3,447
  • 58": $3,769
  • 65": $5,537

In addition, regardless of the model you choose, a CPU to run the application must be purchased which costs $650 (price is the same regardless of screen size). In addition, your organization must run power and Ethernet connections to the screen location, as well as pay for the physical screen installation. Once you select your screen size, please contact our office at to order the screen. We will also work with you to arrange installation.

Additional Costs

  • Infrastructure: Each screen needs a power and ethernet connection. Please work with YSM Facilities to arrange new power and ethernet connections if they do not currently exist in the desired location for the screen. Normal installation location for power and ethernet is 60" from the ground. However, these are only guidelines and can change depending on the space.
  • Installation: Each screen must be professionally installed. When the screen is configured, YSM Communications will work with you to arrange installation by our local A/V vendor. This is approximately $360 for installation and $200 for the wall mount.

Training and Support

YSM Digital Signage is fully supported by the Office of Communications. Our team provides training and support to the staff managing content on the screens, works to fix any bugs identified in the application, and continues to make enhancements and updates to the signage application as budgets permit.