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Medical Education Faculty Fellowship

The goal of this one-year fellowship is to develop educators who will provide educational leadership in our departments and at the Yale School of Medicine.

Medical Education Faculty Fellowship

About the Fellowship

In this interactive course, participants study educational literature, explore medical education research and scholarship, discuss principles of learning, and design an educational project to be implemented in their department.

Course Goals

  • Develop the skills to design and implement an educational project
  • Explore principles of learning as they apply to a variety of teaching strategies
  • Apply the educational literature to the project you design
  • Develop effective teaching skills
  • Enhance skills in giving feedback

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible?

All full-time faculty holding a rank of assistant professor or higher are eligible to participate.

How do I get nominated?

In the spring of each academic year, department chairs are invited by the Teaching & Learning Center to nominate their faculty to participate in the MEF for the coming year. This nomination includes a brief description of the faculty member’s proposed medical education project, which is a priority for the medical school and/or the department. Faculty interested in participating should meet with their chair to express interest in the Fellowship and request that their nomination be considered.

What is the selection process?

The TLC faculty reviews the nominees and their proposed medical education project. Consideration is given to having equal representation of fellows from participating departments as well as the priority of the project to the medical school/department. The Fellowship accepts up to 14 fellows each academic year.

What is the participating Fellow's commitment?

  • Commit to attend all 18, two-and-a-half hour sessions between September and May. All MEF sessions are eligible for CME credit.
  • Design an educational project, which will be implemented in their department, and attend all MEF sessions.
  • Present their project at the poster presentation during Medical Education Day at Yale.

What is the participating department's commitment?

Department chairs must release their participating faculty from other responsibilities for:
  • Sessions held twice monthly; each session is two-and-a-half hours, from September through May.
  • Participation in Medical Education Day at Yale, a half-day conference held in May or June of each year.

Current Fellows & Alumni

2023-2024 Fellows:

Fellowship Alumni