The Office of Diversity, Inclusion, Community Engagement, and Equity (DICE) strives to create an inclusive community for the diverse student body of Yale School of Medicine (YSM) by supporting and celebrating our differences. Through outreach, education, and advocacy we aim to promote the creation of the interdisciplinary healthcare workforce – including innovative physicians, researchers, and scientist – who reflect and serve the diversity of the community.

More specifically, as the Office’s name states, DICE focuses on four key areas:

Diversity 2


Developing the YSM pipeline & trainee recruitment.

Inclusion 1


Fostering an inclusive YSM climate & trainee retention.

Community 3

Community Engagement

Supporting trainee-led programs to benefit New Haven.

Equity 4


Collaborating with trainees on social justice issues.

DICE Faculty

Darin Latimore, MD

Deputy Dean and Chief Diversity Officer; Title IX Deputy Coordinator, Office of the Dean, School of Medicine; Dean's Designee, Office of the President

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Resources for Discrimination and Harassment Concerns

Dean's Designee/Discrimination & Harassment concerns

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