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Financial Analysis & Reporting

FP&A is responsible for YSM’s annual Budget, Q2 Forecast and Long Range Plan cycles, managing Academic Program Support commitments, GA Allocation distributions and enhancing the school’s reporting and dashboard capabilities.

Recurring Deadlines

  • Long Range Planning
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Annual budget
  • Year-end close

Services & Responsibilities

  • GA Allocation models
  • Academic Program Support
  • Support Grant & Contract reporting
  • Ongoing financial review
  • YBT reporting
  • YBT training
  • Finance Data Mart / dashboard reporting
  • Faculty RFP approval
  • Ad hoc financial analysis
  • Space productivity

Send us Ideas!

Do you have an idea that will help with cost savings or process improvement initiatives?

Here are some sample ideas to get you thinking:

  1. Implementing automated systems in place of manual procedures
  2. Cutting down on paper usage in specific areas where it is unnecessary
  3. Energy efficiency measures, like promoting power-off hours
  4. Regular review and renegotiation of specific contracts that you know could benefit
  5. Implementing preventative maintenance of facilities and equipment
  6. Reviewing purchasing processes, for example coordinating purchases to take advantage of bulk buying discounts

We want to hear your ideas!