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Research Stockrooms

The mission of the Kline & Medical School Stockrooms is to provide a ready supply of commonly used research materials throughout Yale’s research communities. Numerous items from enzymes, media, chemicals, gloves and tissue culture plastics are stocked on-site to allow for convenient procurement. Significant cost savings are passed on to Stockroom customers as the result of volume purchase prices and eliminated shipping fees from Stockrooms vendors.


  • Kline Stockroom

    Phone: 203.432.5607

    Fax: 203.432.6906

    Address: Bass Center 266 Whitney Ave Bass Rm 120

    Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-11:50AM, 1PM-3:50PM

    How to Find Us: Enter the Bass Center from the loading dock or side entrance door. Take a right down the hallway. Room 120 is through the open double doors on your right.

  • Medical School Stockroom

    Phone: 203.737.1178

    Fax: 203.785.3406

    Address: Sterling Hall of Medicine 333 Cedar St, New Haven, CT SHM I-E7

    Hours: Monday-Friday 8AM-11:50AM, 1PM-3:50PM

    How to Find Us: Enter the Sterling Hall of Medicine by the 333 Cedar St. front door, take a left down the I-wing, and take the elevator to the basement until you find E7 on your right.

Stockroom Cards

  • Cards are imprinted with a unique ID number and have a magstripe for electronic use
  • No financial or departmental information is stored on the card
  • All financial and departmental information is securely stored in the system database eliminating risk in the event that a card is lost or stolen
  • Charges can be split by whole or a fraction of percentages on up to 10 COAs
  • An unlimited number of users can be assigned to one card
  • Information associated with any card can be modified within the system
  • Cancelled cards can be erased and reassigned – they should not be physically destroyed or discarded
  • To request a new Stockroom card please complete the New Stockroom Card form.
  • To request updates to a current Stockroom card please complete the Stockroom Card Change form

Card forms can be emailed to (Kline Stockroom) or (Medical School Stockroom)



There are three methods to purchase items from the Stockroom. All three require a Stockroom Charge Card and can not be billed without one.

  1. Walk-in shopping in Kline or Medical School Stockroom with your Stockroom Card.
  2. Delivery orders via Sciquest* or Stock Request Form (emailed, faxed or walk-in)
  3. Special Orders via Sciquest* or Stock Request Form (emailed, faxed or walk-in)


All returns must be made within 24-hours of the original purchase. Your Stockroom invoice is required to complete the return. No returns on film, temperature sensitive items (2-4C, -20C & -80C), chemicals and special order items.

*SCIQUEST / Workday Orders

For orders placed in SciQuest/Workday, you must enter your card ID# in the Memo to supplier field on the check-out screen. Failure to do so will result in the delay of your order being filled.

Inventory Catalog

for the Medical School Stockroom, Kline Stockroom and special orders