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What Does PolicyTech Do?

PolicyTech, a tool owned by Navex, automates reviewing, authoring, and approving documents, such as policies, procedures, guidelines, forms and other reference materials. Rule-based workflows and alerts keep policies moving through the document review process, alerting policy owners when to update or retire policies. And for the general YSM public, the solution makes searching and locating accurate and current documents they need to complete their day-to-day work easy.

A few of the benefits of using PolicyTech:

  • Organization and centralization
    • PolicyTech organizes documents and related information in a single online searchable database.
    • PolicyTech aids the YSM public in finding documents through intuitive search functionality.
  • Reduced policy development and review time
    • Reduces the development and review time by using an automated workflow.
    • Automated emails notify co-workers of a document's status, which keeps projects moving.
  • Easy and automated electronic document history and archiving
    • When a new document version is created, the software will automatically replace it. Old documents are archived into an online database for safe keeping.
    • Archived versions are easily accessible by system administrators, while employees are only able to access the current versions.
    • The document history is recorded in the solution. Document revisions are stored to provide a clear picture of the document history .