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How to Search

You can reach search options three different ways in PolicyTech:

  • The word: Search
    In the left navigation, select "Search," which opens a keyword search bar.
  • The "Find" bar
    From the "Browse" view, type keywords into the "Find" bar at the top, then hit enter or click the magnifying glass icon. Clicking the magnifying glass icon by itself displays all public documents in the system.
  • The "..."
    Click the "..." to get the Advanced Search Options.

Search for Document using the "Search" View

  • Searching for a document using the “Search” view will always prompt the system to conduct a search across ALL published documents.
  • Results can be further refined by clicking on the “…” and then selecting “Advanced Search” Option.

Keyword searches titles, categories, all text of a document, and tagged keywords:

  • Type a single word
    This returns a list of documents that contain that word within the title, content, or tagged keywords.
  • Type multiple words
    This returns a list of all documents that contain all of those words
  • Type multiple words separated by OR
    This returns a list of documents that contain at least one of those words
  • Type a word preceded by NOT
    This returns a list of documents that do not contain that word
  • Type one or more words in quotation marks
    This returns documents that contain that exact text.

In case the document you are looking for does not appear in the search results, kindly send an email to with your proposed keywords.

  • If you have a category selected and you type a keyword in the "Find" bar, ONLY the documents in that category are being searched for your keyword.