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Strategic & High Priority Initiatives

Ongoing initiatives at YSM are focused on research, education, and our clinical services, but also our financial health and climate and culture.

Strategic & High Priority Initiatives

  • Clinical

    • Enhance efficiencies through the new Aligned Physician Enterprise – access, revenue cycle, etc.
    • Complete and communicate joint strategic plan
    • Enhance clinical operations through increased responsibility/authority of chairs and enhanced collaborative business processes
    • Implement transparent dashboards (finance, quality, innovation etc.) to which leaders can manage
    • Grow strategically outside of New Haven
    • Diversify sources of clinical revenue – telehealth, diagnostic testing, informatics
    • Increase integration of clinical research and implementation science in the clinical enterprise
  • Research

    • Accelerate renovation and construction of research space – 300 George, 100/101 College, 35 College Place
    • Invest in Neuroscience, Inflammation Science, Cancer, Biomedical Informatics and Data Science
    • Recruit leader in Precision Medicine, chair of Genetics, Director of YCCI
    • Invest in and increase return on infrastructure for research – biorepository, clinical translational
    • Develop sustainable funding for predoctoral and postdoctoral trainees
  • Education

    • Prepare for LCME accreditation with increased emphasis on continuous quality improvement
    • Upgrade non-classroom educational spaces
    • Increase coaching support and tools for self-assessment of knowledge and competencies
    • Develop colleges within the school of medicine
  • Climate & Culture

    • Execute on strategic plan for diversity, equity, and inclusion
    • Recruit successful first cohort of Science Fellows program
    • Analyze information from Faculty Development Annual Questionnaire (FDAQ)
  • Financial

    • Execute on and monitor impact of revised funds flow model with YNHHS
    • Develop strong internal control culture while improving efficiency

FY23 Progress & FY24 Goals

FY23 and FY24 are filled with major efforts to shift the efficacy, efficiency, and impact of YSM.