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Pre Award Roles & Responsibilities

YSM Pre Award Team Responsibilities

Proposal Development: Coordinate the submission of all Grant Proposals

Determine Proposal Eligibility

  • Review grant solicitation and guidelines
  • Review institutional policy requirements for grant award
  • Contact OSP to determine limited submission guidelines
  • Contact faculty / PI to provide unique restrictions and verify eligibility qualifications
  • Determine if PI Status Form is required, prepare PI Status Form, circulate for signatures
  • Notify faculty/PI if they are not eligible for grant (if needed)

Build Final Budget, Narrative and Major Non-Financial Components

  • Review and document grant budget parameters and/or limitations
  • Review budget guidelines and F&A policies; complete waiver request if applicable
  • Create proposal checklist
  • Create initial draft of budget
    • Includes review of faculty effort and salary with Departmental Business Office
  • Determine necessary cost sharing; complete request form if applicable
  • Build detailed budget
  • Initiate and complete PD Record and (if applicable) ASSIST
  • Complete detailed budget on sponsor forms
  • Update proposal materials

Review and Submit Completed Proposal to OSP

  • Route final proposal materials to faculty/PI for review through PD
  • Route proposal materials to OSP for review and submission through PD
  • Point of contact for OSP regarding edits/questions

Respond to Pre Award Notification Requests:

  • Perform Just in Time Set Up Activities
    • This includes reviewing pending support information for Other Support Document with the PI
  • Review documentation and upload into NIH portal (Commons & ASSIST)
  • Respond to budget update requests for pending awards
  • Prepare budget revisions and supporting documentation in PD for pending awards
  • Respond to Informational Requests


  • Correspond with faculty regarding upcoming plans for grant submissions
  • Include Department Business Office staff as “Info Only” in the PD route

VA MOUs for joint appointees:

  • Ensure MOU is up to date prior to proposal submission
  • Circulate VA MOUs for signatures
  • Upload all current MOUs onto Pre Award shared drive

PI or Departmental Staff Responsibilities *

Proposal Development:

  • Identify Funding Opportunities to apply for / Notify Pre Award to extend or renew contract
  • Provide regulatory information for PD Record / Fill out Proposal Information Form
  • Complete all training grant tables within sponsor forms
  • Corrections to formatting / proofreading
  • Scientific writing including budget justifications and facilities/resource documents
  • Advise on salary changes and approve effort commitments for all named grant personnel
  • Review/sign PI Status Form (if applicable)
  • Upload documents & proposal information non-NIH sponsor databases/websites
  • VA MOU – complete calculations for effort at WHVAMC & Yale
  • Writing letters of support/obtaining signatures on letters
  • Complete compliance requirements and sign documents
  • IACUC, HIC, and COI approvals/correspondence

Ongoing Upkeep:

  • Update CV
  • Update Biosketch
  • Update Active & In Kind Sections of Other Support Document
  • Update Publications
  • Maintain EndNote References

*These items may be completed by the PI themselves, Post Award/Finance Staff, Sr. Admin Assistants, and/or Coordinators, based upon department staffing structure.