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Graduate Training

You will spend your first year within one of 8 Tracks. While in a Track you will rotate through 2 - 4 labs as well as take several courses per semester. At the end of the first year you will then leave the BBS Track structure to join both a thesis lab and a Ph.D.-granting program. Independent of the Track you join, you will have access to dozens of graduate courses, innumerable seminars in both basic science and clinical departments, over 400 faculty labs, and cutting-edge research facilities at the School of Medicine, West Campus, and the main university campus. In addition, we offer several unique programs to enhance your training. Please explore the links above to learn about the 8 Tracks and the additional training opportunities available to you.

Integral to all of the opportunities available to you is intensive training in rigorous scientific research methods. Exposure to research rigor and reproducibility begins even before you matriculate in the fall and continues throughout your training. Please see the attached handout that we encourage all BBS students to keep in their lab notebooks.