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CS vs traditional

March 22, 2022
  • 00:10So the other question people often ask is
  • 00:13what's the difference between the clinician
  • 00:15scientists and the traditional track,
  • 00:18and the similarities are that these are
  • 00:21both research intensive tracks where
  • 00:23your effort maybe 75%. In research.
  • 00:25You're expected to build an excellent,
  • 00:27nearly funded research program.
  • 00:29You are expected to also be have excellence
  • 00:33as a teacher and as a mentor for,
  • 00:35especially for trainees in your research
  • 00:38laboratories or your research programs.
  • 00:41And both are required to have
  • 00:43excellence in clinical practice.
  • 00:44If your clinician,
  • 00:44so I want to emphasize that that this is.
  • 00:47But this is what the clinician
  • 00:48scientists might have been considered.
  • 00:50The old triple threat.
  • 00:51The main difference is that that
  • 00:52trajectory I mentioned before,
  • 00:54where this is 10 years to tenure
  • 00:55at the associate professor level.
  • 00:58And that historically traditional
  • 00:59track research tended to
  • 01:01be more elaborate, laboratory or
  • 01:04computationally based research,
  • 01:05and clinician scientists track research
  • 01:07was tended to be more translational
  • 01:10or clinically oriented and but,
  • 01:13but that's not always 100% true,
  • 01:15and it really depends upon what
  • 01:18type of research you're doing.
  • 01:20And you're you're this.
  • 01:22These kinds of discoveries you are making.