Liane Philpotts Speaks with Faith Middleton on WNPR Connecticut

Liane Philpotts, MD, chief of Breast Imaging in the Department of Diagnostic Radiology at the Yale School of Medicine, will speak on the Faith Middleton Show on WNPR Connecticut (radio 90.5 FM). Dr. Philpotts will be featured on Middleton's "Exploring the Richness of Life" broadcast to talk about tomosynthesis and to discuss the benefits of 3-D mammogram technology

Tomosynthesis (TOMO) is a method for performing high-resolution limited-angle tomography at mammographic dose levels. Tomo allows visualization of the breast in thin slices, permitting detection of tumors with higher accuracy and reducing false positives.

Adding digital breast tomosynthesis to 2D mammography screening results in a 40% reduction in patient recall rates compared to routine screening mammography alone, a new study shows. The study, conducted at Yale University School of Medicine in New Haven, CT, of 7,578 screening mammograms, found that the recall rate was 6.6% for digital breast tomosynthesis plus 2D screening mammography. It was 11.1% for 2D screening mammography alone. 

Dr. Philpotts's interview will air this Friday - March 15th at 3:00pm with a rebroadcast at 9:00pm. For information on how to listen to today's show on-line, visit WNPR: Programming Schedule. This full episode of the Faith Middleton Show will be archived and listed by title on the "Recent Episodes" page of the WNPR website.