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Welcome to P(I)³

Yale Radiology is a preeminent department for the advancement of radiologic technologies and has always been at the forefront of these endeavors. The Program for Innovation in Imaging Informatics sits at the nexus of imaging innovation, operations, and quality patient care. In collaboration with Yale New Haven Health System (YNHH), this group drives initiatives across the Yale University-YNHH continuum with the goal of creating an ecosystem of technology drive change management.

Our mission is to drive a culture of continuous improvement and steward the missions of the radiology department, university, and YNHH delivery networks across the state. With this focus the P(I)3 team has driven advancements in many areas including being at the leading edge of artificial intelligence systems implementations and designing the reading room paradigm of the future.

Strategic goals for our team include standardizing key informatics processes, improving the experience of all in our community, and continuing to lead cutting edge initiatives and research that put Yale Radiology at the forefront of innovation across the world. If you have further inquiries, please contact our team via the following email address -