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Difficult to Order Studies

Clinicians frequently have difficulty ordering the following studies:

  • GI Fluoroscopy (includes esophagrams, upper GI series, barium enemas, etc.): Diagnostic Radiology → Radiography → Xray GI/Abd Find appropriate study.
  • GU Fluoroscopy (includes HSGs, urethrograms): Diagnostic Radiology → Radiography → Xray GU
  • Tube Checks: Order an abdominal radiograph and in the comments specify “bring gastrograffin to be injected into feeding tube.” The technologist will call the ordering physician to have him/her inject the tube prior to taking the x-ray.
  • Fluoro Guided Lumbar Punctures: Diagnostic Radiology → Radiography → Xray Head/Neuro → Lumbar Puncture.
  • Fluoro Guided Joint Aspiration: Diagnostic Radiology → Radiography → Xray Arthrograms → Joint Aspiration.
  • Unusual ultrasounds: If there is difficulty finding the proper order, order whatever seems closest and describe what you want imaged when providing the history. The ultrasound technologists can adjust the order as appropriate.
  • Specialty abdominal imaging (eg pancreatic mass or liver mass CT or a urogram): Sunrise provides a general list of various indications for specialty CT orders. If in doubt, order one of the general exams and specify in the comments section (and communicate verbally with the ER Radiologist) the exact imaging needs.

If finding the appropriate order for other studies is also a problem, please e-mail Dr. Brian Haas ( ) to have the study and recommendations for its ordering added to this list.