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Diagnostic Radiology Residency Program

Welcome to Yale’s Diagnostic Radiology Residency program!

We offer world-class training and research at one of the most highly regarded hospitals in the country. Yale New Haven Health is also among the largest healthcare systems in the United States. We provide services to a catchment area that includes Connecticut, upstate New York, and Western Massachusetts. The department of Diagnostic Radiology is at the cutting edge of education, patient care, and research.

Our program is growing from 56 to 68 residents over the coming years as the hospital system expands. The faculty to resident ratio is approximately 1.75:1. We pride ourselves in providing a customized and optimized educational experience for every trainee, whether their goals lie in community/private practice, academic medicine, or a hybrid thereof.

Our residents perform at an exceptional level on the ABR CORE examination as well as numerous other metrics of academic preparation. Our graduates receive their top choices in fellowship and go to train at the best institutions in the country.

Our recent alumni have accepted positions at:

  • Brigham and Women’s Hospital - Body Imaging & Interventional Radiology
  • Cornell University - Breast Imaging, Body Imaging & Neuroradiology
  • Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Pediatric Radiology & Pediatric Neuroradiology
  • Duke University - Interventional Radiology
  • Johns Hopkins - Neuroradiology & Interventional Radiology
  • Massachusetts General Hospital - Body Imaging
  • Miami Vascular - Interventional Radiology
  • New York University - Neuroradiology
  • Stanford University - Neuroradiology & Interventional Radiology
  • University of California Los Angeles - Body Imaging
  • University of California San Francisco - Body Imaging & Cardiac Imaging
  • University of Chicago - Neuroradiology
  • University of Pennsylvania - Body Imaging
  • University of Washington - Musculoskeletal Imaging

Despite the global competitiveness of our trainees, a large portion consider remaining at Yale the top choice for fellowship. Over half of our recent graduates stayed on for further training. Invariably they cite the high quality of the educational program and their overall happiness with their experience as key motivating factors.

Fellowships at Yale New Haven Hospital include body imaging, breast imaging, cardiac imaging, cross-sectional/MRI, nuclear medicine, musculoskeletal imaging, and neuroradiology. We also offer a fellowship in healthcare leadership, which combines training in emergency/trauma radiology with pursuit of a healthcare-focused executive MBA. Trainees have been able to combine interests in innovative programs covering multiple fields of radiology as well as pursue integrated PhD or MPH degrees during their time here at Yale.

Our program also offers Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) for two trainees per year. ESIR residents simultaneously meet all requirements of the diagnostic radiology program and preparation for advanced placement into the second year of an independent IR residency upon graduation.

Trainees with a special interest in nuclear medicine can tailor their residency experience to fulfill the 16 month nuclear medicine requirement for dual certification in Diagnostic Radiology and Nuclear Medicine. Residents with strong research interest may participate in the ABR Holman Pathway, and complete 21 months of research without extending the length of their residency.

There is an extensive and growing network of Yale Radiology graduates across the country, facilitating job and fellowship placement. Over the years, approximately 30 percent of our graduates have joined academic practices. Several of these are those recruited as faculty at Yale. A disproportionate share of our alumni has gone on to leadership positions in radiology, including as program directors, administrators, and lead researchers at major academic centers.