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YDR Policy for Suspected Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy

"A V/Q scan is the recommended exam for pregnant patients with suspected PE, no signs and symptoms of DVT, and a negative chest x-ray. Emergent V/Q scans ordered after hours by the Emergency Department or OBGYN service may take up to 5 hours to complete because YNHH does not have in-house nuclear medicine technologists overnight. During these times, if the patient is unstable or needs a more rapid assessment then a "low-dose" CTPA may be performed. Information sheets for both tests are listed below. YDR policy is ALL pregnant patients need to sign informed consent (pre-populated form below) for V/Q scans after discussion with radiologist, radiology resident, or RA. Please make sure this is discussed prior to calling nuclear medicine tech in. CTPA exams do not require signed informed consent but a radiologist should be available to answer any questions from the patient."

American Thoracic Society Practice Guidelines pdf!

VQ Pregnancy Consent Form pdf!

Review Slides on Dose in Pregnancy pdf!

CT Pulmonary Angiography During Pregnancy Info for Patients pdf (ENG)

Nuclear Medicine Lung VQ Scans During Pregnancy Info for Patients pdf (ENG)