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Guidelines for Appointment

Complete guidelines for the appointment and promotion process is listed in the YDR Vol Fac Guidelines document. Key concepts:

Service Points: Voluntary faculty must demonstrate their commitment to YDR by earning 24 points of service each academic year (July to June) via Non-Clinical Teaching Service*:

8 Publication, written with Yale residents/staff (6 points for a case report)1
4 Publication without Yale residents/staff. (2 points for case report)2,2
6 Presentation of a YDR Grand Rounds lecture
4 Meeting presentation with participation of Yale students, residents students, residents, fellows, or faculty3
1 Meeting presentation without participation of Yale students, residents, fellows, or faculty3
4 Resident Mentoring Session - half day3
4 Lecture to YDR residents or fellows
4 Board review presentation for YDR residents (points per hour)
4 Yale Medical Student Mentoring Sessions-half day4
4 Lecture to Yale medical students
4 Lecture to technical staff
8 PowerPoint presentation on a specific topic donated to YDR for use and modification for future teaching (must be acceptable by section chief)
4 Case of Month submission on YDR's website4
2 Attendance at YDR Grand Rounds (points per session)
2 4 Teaching file cases (definitively proven on the basis of clinical, surgical or histologic grounds) donated to YDR with appropriate descriptions
3 Participation in the Voluntary Faculty Committee
Advice or service to the Chair and YDR 5
  1. Points for publications are allotted in the academic year of FINAL acceptance of the publication.
    * in rare cases service is attained by Clinical Supervision Service (see YDR Vol Fac Guidelines)
  2. Yale Voluntary Appointment title must be included in publication/meeting presentation to achieve service points.
    Service points obtained without participation of Yale students, residents, or faculty (by meeting presentation and publication)
    cannot exceed 12 points per year
  3. Assist with teaching during a clinical review session. Session must be approved by and scheduled with the appropriate Section Chief.
  4. Case of the Month must be approved by the faculty member's section chief.
  5. Points will be allotted at the discretion of the Chair, with approval by the Voluntary Faculty Committee.

Evaluation: Teaching skills will be evaluated by students, residents, and staff.

Appointments in Voluntary Faculty Tract:

  • Clinical Instructor
  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Associate Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Professor

In order to continue an appointment, each member must:

  • Attain ≥ 24 service points
  • Submit a record each May 1 demonstrating at least 24 services
  • Demonstrate adequate teaching skills (as provided by evaluations)

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