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Guidelines for Appointment

Complete guidelines for the appointment and promotion process is listed in the YDR Vol Fac Guidelines document. Key concepts:

Service Points: Voluntary faculty must demonstrate their commitment to YDR by earning 24 points of service each academic year (July to June) via Non-Clinical Teaching Service*:

Points Contribution
8 Publication, written with Yale residents/staff (6 points for a case report)2
6 Presentation of a YDR Grand Rounds lecture
4 Presentation or exhibit at a national/regional meeting with participation of Yale students, residents, fellows, or faculty
4 Resident Mentoring Session – half day3
4 Lecture to YDR residents or fellows
4 Board review presentation for YDR residents (points per hour)
4 Yale Medical Student Mentoring Session – half day 3
4 Lecture to Yale medical students
4 Lecture to technical staff
8 Power Point presentation on a specific topic donated to YDR for use and modification for future teaching (must be acceptable by section chief)
2 Attendance (physically as opposed to electronically) at YDR Grand Rounds (points per session)
8 Participation in the Voluntary Faculty Committee
Advice or service to the Chair and YDR4

2 Points for publications are allotted in the academic year of FINAL acceptance of the publication.
3 Assist with teaching during a clinical review session. Session must be approved by and scheduled with the appropriate Section Chief. “Resident” must be YDR resident or fellow.
4 Points will be allotted at the discretion of the Chair, with approval by the Voluntary Faculty Committee.

Evaluation: Teaching skills will be evaluated by students, residents, and staff.

Appointments in Voluntary Faculty Tract:

  • Clinical Instructor
  • Assistant Clinical Professor
  • Associate Clinical Professor
  • Clinical Professor

In order to continue an appointment, each member must:

  • Attain ≥ 24 service points
  • Submit a record annually before May 15th demonstrating at least 24 service points
  • Demonstrate adequate teaching skills (as provided by evaluations)

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