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YDR Oral Contrast Policy for Abdominal CT in ED Patients

Oral Contrast is only* required for:

  1. Very thin Patients for abdominal pain.
  2. Post-op bowel surgery, fistula or Crohn's Disease
  3. When IV contrast is contraindicated
  4. Pediatric Patients
*at discretion of attending radiologist
  • CT A/P without contrast:
    Cases ordered as CT kidney stone exam
  • CT A/P with IV only:
    Patients with RLQ pain and lower abdominal pain, if BMI >25
  • CT A/P with IV only regardless of BMI:
    Diffuse abdominal pain, Trauma, Lower GI bleed, Bowel obstruction (abdominal distention, vomitting, dilated loops in plain radiograph), AAA, suspected bowel ischemia
  • CT A/P with IV and oral contrast:
    Suspected fistula, post-op bowel surgery, hx. of Crohn's Diaease
  • CT A/P with oral only:
    Contraindication for IV, regardless of BMI or indication (except renal stone)
  • In special cases, contrast administration can still be prescribed at the discretion of the ED radiologist.