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Technology Students

YNHH Atrium Skylight
Photo by Henry Douglas

Explore the Yale-New Haven Hospital Ultrasound School and Other Technology Opportunities:

Yale-New Haven Hospital Ultrasound School 

The mission of Yale-New Haven Hospital School of Diagnostic Ultrasound is to attract, train, and graduate qualified individuals into the profession of ultrasound. Our program's philosophy is that the diagnostic medical sonographer is an integral part of the medical team and provides a vital service to the patient and the physician by accurately detecting disease. The success of our students in learning the skills of diagnostic ultrasound is dependent on a continuous process of hands-on training coupled with structured comprehensive instruction. The program, therefore, is committed to support the professional and personal development of each individual seeking this career.

Yale-New Haven Hospital School of Diagnostic Ultrasound

Gateway Radiologic Technology Opportunities

The Department of Diagnostic Imaging at Yale-New Haven Hospital does not offer a program in Radiologic Technology at this time; however, clinical rotations occur at Yale-New Haven Hospital through the radiologic technology programs at Gateway Community College and Quinnipiac University.