Healthcare Leadership in Radiology

Yale University Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging along with the Yale School of Management (SOM) offer a fellowship to a Radiologist who has passed the ABR Certifying exam and who aspires to administrative leadership positions in private or academic practice. By having an active clinical presence in our Emergency Radiology section, the Radiologist will become experienced in much of the gamut of clinical activities in the department.

During the two year program, beginning July 1, the fellow will begin a clinical Emergency/Trauma Radiology fellowship in the department of Radiology & Biomedical Imaging, the MBA-e program at SOM. In addition, the fellow will play a leadership role on one or more projects from the Chairman’s office. Such projects may include: operational or capital budgeting of new programs; compensation/incentive development for staff; Teleradiology programmatic growth; process/quality improvement; strategic planning; or marketing. The fellow will also have an opportunity to participate in similar projects in the hospital at large, if they choose.

The fellowship includes working shifts in the Emergency Radiology section throughout the year. The fellow will function as an independent clinician, though their work will be proctored and reviewed on a regular basis. The Leadership in Healthcare program at the Yale School of Management is a 22 month program. The fellow will spend 2 weeks in the first year, 1 week in the second year, and alternating Friday/Saturday sessions on campus; he/she will also have the opportunity to participate in up to six international experiences throughout the duration of the program (a 5 day trip with 20 – 40 MBA students each time); there is also opportunity to take elective courses and become involved in projects at SOM and across the entire Yale University campus.

The fellow will not be scheduled for clinical work during the period leading up to, nor including, the residence/MBA class times. The fellowship is 24 months with the fellow receiving a certificate of completion of fellowship from Yale Radiology & Biomedical Imaging as well as the MBA degree from Yale University. The fellow will receive a salary and full-tuition reimbursement for the MBA-e program. In addition, the fellow will receive remuneration for any additional shifts he/she voluntarily accepts beyond the stated required shifts. The fellow will receive a book/travel allowance of $1000 dollars per year, which may be applied to the international experience cost. Space in the department will be provided if necessary.