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Policy Regarding Testing for Pregnancy

  • For CT - Any patient between the ages of 10 yrs to 55 needs a pregnancy test if undergoing a CT covering the Abdomen or Pelvis (including Lumbar Spine).

  • For MRI - Any female patient between the ages of 10 and 55 needs a pregnancy test if scheduled to receive a Gadolinium based contrast agent.

  • This applies for all In-patients, Out-patients, and ED-patients.

  • Patients 18 years and older can waive the testing by signing a waiver.

Please remember to always ask if the patient may be pregnant regardless of what CT the patient is having. If she is pregnant, please inform the Radiologist and document in EPIC under study notes before the CT is done.

Please refer to full YNHH/YDR policy (hyperlink above) for additional information.

YDR Policy for Suspected Pulmonary Embolism in Pregnancy