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Why Yale Radiology?

  1. Resident driven.
    Our program keeps residents at the forefront of its vision in order to promote resident growth whether it be professionally, academically, or personally. We make sure to have resident representation on various committees especially as it relates to program direction and curriculum development.

  2. Resident wellness.
    At Yale Radiology, there are many things to be proud of in regards to the robust case load/diversity, research, etc. However, what we really take pride in is promoting resident wellness and work life balance. One way we do this is offering resident wellness appreciation week on a hospital level and giving a wellness day along with a small stipend to spend, whether it be on a spa day or going to a nice restaurant with family.

  3. Fellowships at Yale.
    We train numerous fellows yearly and offer unparalleled training in many subspecialties. Although we regularly send our residents to their fellowships of choice at other top institutions such as MGH, Emory, Stanford, Mallinckrodt, or Johns Hopkins, many opt to stay and continue their training here, which we believe is a testament to the quality/strength of our training.

  4. Faculty.
    Coming to Yale, you will have the opportunity to work with experts and leaders within the field of radiology. Our faculty includes nationally-renowned researchers and practitioners in multiple subspecialties with many holding positions of leadership in national radiology committees/organizations.

  5. Culture.
    Even though our program is the third largest radiology program in the nation, we maintain a sense of family and community within the program, which we believe makes us especially unique.

  6. Global outreach.
    Yale has a robust global outreach program. We send a team of residents, attendings and technologists to Tanzania twice a year. We also maintain a lecture-sharing program in which we broadcast lectures live to local Radiology residents in addition to supporting elective rotations at our own institution.

  7. Alumni.
    We have an extensive alumni network with prior residents going on to become successful radiologists both in academics and in private practice, with significant contributions to the field of radiology. For example, one of our previous residents helped develop the Penumbra device!

  8. Mixture of case volume and diversity is unparalleled with residents being exposed to tertiary care hospitals, a level-1 trauma center, community hospital, VA and private practice type imaging centers.

  9. Specialized tracks.
    Our residents have the opportunity to pursue specialized tracks such as ESIR, Nuclear medicine, and Holman Research Pathway. Our large residency size makes the schedule highly flexible to allow residents to complete dedicated tracts within the length of residency.

  10. Education is a priority.
    We ensure resident education through protected conference time, grand rounds, funding for scholarly activity, etc.

  11. Mentorship.
    We match every incoming first year with a senior resident to ease the transition to Radiology, and provide a resource throughout training. Additionally, they also are matched with a fourth year resident for mentorship in regards to the fellowship application/process and faculty. You are not alone, and have help every step of the way!