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Interview and Selection Procedure

  • Interviews take place in October, November and December.
  • Applications must be completed and received by October 1st to be considered for review.
  • Complete applications will be reviewed by Selection Committee Faculty beginning on October 2nd through ERAS.
  • Invitations to interview are sent through the ERAS post office by email to the applicant’s email address as indicated on the ERAS application.
  • Applicants who will not be offered an interview will be notified by email through the ERAS post office email system.
  • In exceptional cases where inability to interview and visit on one of the listed residency interview dates is a hardship, arrangements for an interview at other times may be arranged by contacting the Residency Program Coordinator. Under these circumstances, you may be assured that this will not compromise your chances of selection.
  • We will be unable to interview applicants who appear without making previous arrangements.