Residents are afforded 4 weeks of vacation per year.

Residents are provided an annual expense fund for books, conference attendance, and other education related expenses. The amount varies from year to year. The amount this year is $1,400.

Residents who present their research at national meetings are reimbursed for their expenses from departmental funds. We have also had residents funded by national organizations and companies, such as Amersham and Bracco. Some residents have won substantial fellowships and prizes from these organizations. Please see the Research Section below.

All residents attend the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology course in Washington, D.C. The department pays the tuition fees, and residents have an allowance of $2,000 for living and travel expenses.

Chief Residents are given subsidies to attend the A3CR2 conference for chief residents at the annual AUR meeting and one additional national meeting.

Our graduation has always been a huge success. Recently it has been celebrated with a dinner party at the Omni Hotel in Downtown New Haven CT.