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Gadolinium Contrast Information

For full policy please refer to MRI Safety Manual

Gad Quick Reference Sheet

Who Needs eGFR testing?


A patient receiving Eovist (group III agent) that answers yes to questions 19-23

eGFR Labs must be less than 6 weeks old and eGFR > 30 

If eGFR < 30 Radiologist needs to consent.  


A patient receiving Eovist (group III agent)

eGFR must be less than 2 days old and > 30

If eGFR is < 30 Radiologist needs to consent.  

Patient getting higher than standard dose (ie. Double dosing) of group II/III agent (such as Dotarem or Eovist)

Cardiac, Gamma Mets, Liver Combined

Policy for group III agents as above would apply in this setting as the patient may be at risk of NSF when eGFR under 30.

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What do we do with prior Gadolinium "allergic-like" event?

If a patient has had a prior reaction to a gadolinium agent but is approved to have a repeat scan with gadolinium (see pretreatment policy in contrast manual) effort should be made to determine which contrast agent the reaction occurred with.
If unknown, Dotarem can be used.  If with Dotarem, then Multihance should be used.

Who needs a Hcg urine test?

All females getting contrast who have started menses or are between ages 10-60

Adults (age 18+) can sign a waiver, peds (age 10-17) cannot sign waiver

For full policy and exceptions please see: Policy Regarding Testing for Pregnancy

Information sheet on Gadolinium Deposition for staff/techs

FAQs on Gadolinium Deposition for referring clinicians