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Clinical Curriculum

Above is an outline of our 4 year clinical curriculum

  • First year residents rotate through all of the core sections within radiology except breast imaging, with a focus placed on foundations of radiology.
  • In the second year, residents spend more time at our Saint Raphael Campus, which pairs residents and attendings 1 on 1, and incorporates multiple imaging modalities into a single rotation. This allows trainees to review fundamentals from the R1 rotation, and to learn to interpret more advanced imaging studies. R2 residents take 4 weeks of overnight call in the main hospital ED.
  • In the R3 year, as trainees focus on preparing for the CORE exam, they rotate through each core section again to shore up their knowledge. In the first half of the year, R3 residents will take 4 weeks of overnight call at the Saint Raphael Campus.
  • The R4 year is extremely flexible and includes 9 blocks of elective time. Residents usually spend this time doing mini-fellowships to prepare for their upcoming fellowship year, or gaining in-depth skills in a second subspecialty for their future practice. R4 residents take overnight call at the Saint Raphael Campus in the second half of the year to allow R3 residents to focus on the CORE.
Our large residency size makes the schedule highly flexible, allowing residents to complete dedicated tracts within the residency.

ESIR Pathway: We are approved for two Early Specialization in Interventional Radiology (ESIR) positions. These residents will complete 12 IR rotations during residency and can apply for advanced placement into 2nd year of the independent IR residency.

Nuclear Medicine Pathway: Residents who have early interest in Nuclear Medicine can complete 16 rotations in nuclear medicine during their residency and be eligible for the ABR Nuclear Medicine specialty exam, leading to dual certification in Nuclear Medicine and Diagnostic Radiology. We currently have 2 residents pursuing this dual certification pathway.

Holman Research Pathway: Residents who have a strong commitment to research may apply for the ABR Holman research track pathway. If approved, that resident will have 24 dedicated research months during their residency. We currently have 3 trainees in the Holman Research Pathway.