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Division of Clinical Radiology

Vice Chairs
Vice Chair for Scientific Research Affairs
Douglas Rothman, PhD 203-785-6202
Vice Chair for Scientific Research Operations
Todd Constable, PhD 203-737-2768
Vice Chair for Clinical Affairs Regina Hooley, MD 203-785-7384
Vice Chair for Clinical Research
David Madoff, MD 203-785-5102
Vice Chair for Safety and Quality
Jay Pahade, MD
Vice Chair for Education
Mahan Mathur, MD
Vice Chair for Information Technology
Melissa Davis, MD
Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
Juan Carlos Perez Lozada, MD


Director for Faculty Affairs
Richard Bronen, MD 203-785-5253
Information Technology Jeetu Bhawnani, MS 203-737-2769
Faculty Director for Finance
Howard Forman, MD
VA Radiology Caroline Taylor, MD 203-937-3842

Clinical Radiology
Associate Director, Finance - Clinical
Serena DelBasso

Educational Programs
Radiology & Biomedical Imaging Residency

Jamal Bokhari, MD

Assistant Directors

Leslie Scoutt, MD
Mahan Mathur, MD
Annemarie Boustani, MD
Annie Wang, MD
Reni Butler, MD


Medical Student Education

Mahan Mathur, MD

Assistant Director Andrew Haims, MD 203-737-7902

Ultrasound School Risa Kent, MD 203-688-8227

Voluntary Faculty
Faculty Affairs Administrator

Committee Chair Caroline Taylor, MD 203-737-7902

Senior Chief Residents

Yaser Al-Jobory, MD

Grace DeWitt, MD

Benjamin Jang, MD

Jannatun Sikder, MD

Junior Chief Residents

Spencer Beck, MD

Joseph Moulton, MD

Sara Mozayan, MD

Nadia Solomon, MD

Academic Sections Section/Service Chief
Body Imaging - Division Chief Jay Pahade, MD 203-688-2433
Body Imaging Gary Israel, MD 203-785-4732
Cardiac Imaging Hamid Mojibian, MD 203-785-4732
Breast Imaging John Lewin, MD
Breast Imaging Eastern Division Section Chief Laura Sheiman, MD
Breast Imaging Western Division Section Chief Liane Phillpotts, MD
Emergency Radiology Howard Forman, MD 203-785-2384

Jamal Bokhari, MD 203-785-7377
Interventional Radiology David Madoff, MD 203-785-5102
Musculoskeletal Radiology Andy Haims, MD 203-785-5913
Neuroradiology William Zucconi, MD 203-688-2433
Nuclear Cardiology Edward Miller, MD 203-785-4127
Nuclear Medicine Lawrence Saperstein, MD
Pediatric Radiology Cicero Silva, MD 203-785-5913
Thoracic Radiology Anna S Bader, MD
Ultrasound Jonathan Kirsch, MD 203-785-5913
Yale Health Plan Robert Messina, MD 203-432-9497