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Typical Day


The residents' workday begins with morning teaching conference from 7:30 to 8:30 am. The residents report for clinical duty at 8:30 am. For most rotations this consists of picking radiology studies from the reading list, reviewing the images and predictating a report. After a few studies have been dictated, the resident then "reads out" with an attending radiologist, reviewing all the images, reports and salient teaching points for each case. This process is repeated until around 12:45 PM. Residents then get lunch and head to afternoon teaching conference from 1-2 PM. After conference residents go back to their clinical duties. Most clinical services end at 5 PM, at which point, the call teams take over duties.

Call Responsibilities

Yale is one of the few academic programs where the Emergency Department is covered by both a resident and an attending radiologist 24 hours x 7 days a week. This allows the resident to have the experience of making decisions and creating reports in a high volume environment with complex pathology, yet receiving immediate feedback by an attending radiologist. The combination of 24 hour attending radiologist coverage and resident coverage minimizes the likelihood of a patient being discharged with serious pathology or sent to the OR with an incorrect or non-surgical finding.

R1: 1-2 weekdays per month: 5-9:30 PM

  • 1 weekend day per month: 8AM-9:30 PM

R2: 0-1 weekdays per month: 5-9:30 PM

  • 7 weekend days for the year: 8AM-9:30PM,
  • 2-4 weeks of night float for the year: 9:30PM – 8AM

R3: 5 weekdays for the year: 5-9:30PM

  • 5 weekend days per year: 8AM-9:30 PM
  • 2 weeks of night float for the year
  • Call free after February

R4: 5 weekend days for the year: 8AM-9:30PM

  • 2 weeks of night float for the year: 11AM-8AM (M-F), 9:30PM – 8AM (Sa, Su)

Senior radiology residents take periodic in-house cross sectional imaging call on 2-4 weekend mornings per year.

Meal cards are given to residents on night float to be utilized in the cafeteria and cafes


Educational Conferences are given twice a day, morning and afternoon. Conferences are predominantly didactic or case-based around a particular subject during the beginning of the year in order to introduce new residents to important radiologic concepts. Later in the year, conferences include more case-based sessions to simulate real practice interactions with clinicians and to prepare residents for the American Board of Radiology exams. Board reviews for senior residents are also administered for several months before the oral Board exam.

Additional noon conferences are given to our new resident class each summer to review high yield basic imaging and orientation to the different services to set them up for early success.

Grand Rounds

Occur monthly at 12:30pm on Thursdays from September through May. Most of the speakers are world renown radiologists from around the country, who also give resident conferences and board reviews during their visit with us.