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Yale Hematopathology

The Hematopathology Service specializes in the evaluation of lymph nodes, bone marrow, blood, spleen, and hematolymphoid tissues in all other organs. The faculty on this service are board-certified in this subspecialty, with expertise in both anatomic and clinical pathology aspects of hematopathology. The Hematopathology team evaluates a broad range of disorders, including acute and chronic leukemias, B-cell and T-cell lymphomas, plasma cell neoplasms, myelodysplastic syndromes, myeloproliferative neoplasms, cutaneous lymphomas, and benign bone marrow and lymph node disorders. Challenging cases are discussed in detail among the expert hematopathologists at our consensus conference.

The faculty are involved nationally and internationally in professional societies and organizations to advance their field. Their academic interests are composed of a balance of clinical, basic science, and translational efforts in hematopoietic malignancies. We also offer a highly competitive fellowship in Hematopathology to two trainees each year. These are one-year fellowships that can be extended for approved research.

Clinical Service

In addition to providing diagnostic services to Smilow Cancer Hospital, we are the primary Hematopathology specialists for surrounding hospitals, including Bridgeport Hospital, Greenwich Hospital, Milford Hospital, Griffin Hospital, and the Saint Raphael Campus of Yale New Haven Hospital.

As the diagnostic service that supports a very active bone marrow transplant service, our average turnaround time for rush biopsies is less than 24 hours. Urgent results incorporating aspirate morphology, histology, flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, FISH/cytogenetic, and molecular results, as appropriate, are called in immediately to submitting physicians.


Our group receives external slide consultations from across the nation as well as from international sites for both primary diagnoses and second opinions. To submit slides and tissue blocks, please send to:

Yale School of Medicine
Department of Pathology
200 South Frontage Road, Room EP2-631
New Haven, CT 06510
Attention: Hematopathology

We work closely with our colleagues in the Clinical Hematology Laboratory and Cytogenetics Laboratory to correlate results from advanced technologies, including next-generation sequencing and array comparative genomic hybridization.

Yale Hematopathology Team


Our academic interests are diverse and composed of a balance of clinical, basic science, and translational efforts. Faculty engage in a wide range of clinical and translational research, including lymphoma and leukemia microenvironment, specifically the development of biomarkers as well as hematopoietic spatial omics (Dr. Mina Xu), and molecular genetics of hematopoietic neoplasms (Dr. Alexa Siddon, Dr. Sudhir Perincheri). The most recent recruitment to the clinical/translational research arm of hematopathology is assistant professor, Dr. Deepika Kumar.

Dr. Demetrios Braddock and Dr. Samuel Katz lead bench research laboratories. The Katz laboratory is interested in mechanisms of cancer cell death, both intrinsically as regulated by the BCL-2 family of proteins and extrinsically as instigated by the immune system through Chimeric Antigen Receptor (CAR)-T cells. He is newly joined in the laboratory by instructor in hematopathology, Dr. Po-Han Chen. The Braddock laboratory studies ENPP enzymology. They developed a curative biologic therapeutic for a lethal orphan disease called ‘Generalized Arterial Calcification of Infancy’, which they are translating into patients while continuing to investigate diseases of aberrant mineralization.

Education and Training

Faculty in the Hematopathology service are engaged in and lead educational efforts within:

  • Yale School of Medicine: course developers, lecturers and lab leaders in Genes & Development Hematology Module
  • Residency and Hematopathology Fellowship Programs: AP/CP lecturers and instructors in practical microscopy sessions in Hematopathology
  • Graduate Program: lecturer in Path 650b (Cellular and molecular biology of cancer), lecturer and lab leader in Genes & Development, module directors in Path 690 (Molecular mechanisms of disease; Hematology and orphan disease modules), and course co-director of Path 682b (Cancer Clinical Translation Workshop)
  • Yale College: director, lecturer in MCDB 315 (Pathobiology)