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SalivaDirect™ COVID-19 Testing Process


Our quick and affordable saliva-based COVID-19 test developed by Yale scientists has received FDA Emergency Use Authorization. The Pathology Clinical Molecular Diagnostic Lab, Directed by Dr. Pei Hui, has been authorized by the FDA to test Covid-19 using saliva specimens as part of the FDA EUA. Led by Nate Grubaugh and Anne Wyllie, Yale School of Public Health, our lab is the first laboratory to offer this test. Congratulations to Dr. Pei Hui's leadership on this great achievement and thank the entire team for their efforts and contributions! This success represents an example of how our pathology clinical laboratory can closely collaborate with basic scientists to rapidly bring research to clinical diagnosis.

To Learn More About Partnering with Yale Pathology Labs on SalivaDirect™ Testing

Contact: Stephanie Weirsman, Director, Business Development, Yale Medicine Pathology

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