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Gynecological Pathology

Yale Pathology Labs cytopathology service is uniquely qualified to interpret all gynecologlcal cytology cases. With seven board-certified cytopathologists, we process and evaluate more than 80,000 gynecological cases annually. Our team of highly trained specialists can manage high-volume, complex neoplastic surgical specimens and biopsies. Our lab offers a broad test menu and cutting-edge technologies to help streamline accurate reporting with timely results. Physicians, clinicians, and patients can rely on one point-of-contact for information throughout the specimen examination and testing process.

Laboratory Benefits

  • Process both FDA-approved liquid-based cytology products (ThinPrep and SurePath)
  • Accurate imaging using the latest technology for Pap smear screening (FocalPoint GS and ThinPrep Imager)
  • Real-time cytologic-histologic correlation
  • Molecular testing from liquid-based Pap preparation for HPV (high-risk and genotyping), chlamydia, and gonorrhea
  • BD Affirm testing for candida species, trichomomas, and gardnerella
  • HSV I/II/VZV testing from BD cervical swap
  • GBS testing

Superior Customer Service

  • Timely and accurate results
  • Online ordering and access to results using the RELAY web portal
  • EMR Interface with Information Technology support
  • Customized patient letters for Pap results, appointment and wellness reminders
  • Dedicated Physician Liaison assigned to your account

Download Information Sheet

Click here to download a PDF Information Sheet for the Gynecological Pathology service at Yale Pathology Labs.