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We are accepting applications for AY24-26 with an application deadline of 9/1/2023.


The Neuropathology fellowship at Yale is a two-year program combining training in surgical and autopsy neuropathology with clinical research. The clinical service further focuses on the integration of molecular data into the diagnostic process, rendering this program a top tier diagnostic hub for Molecular Neuropathology. There are also abundant opportunities to get involved in clinical, translational and basic neuroscience research.


We are accepting applications for the 2025-26 and 2026-27 academic years in April-May 2024. Strengths of the program include a remarkable diversity and complexity of specimens at Yale, access to molecular diagnostic training, state-of-the-art biobanking and abundant research opportunities (clinical, translational and basic science research).


The clinical activities of the Neuropathology program include the evaluation of a wide variety of surgical and autopsy specimens. The fellow will take a prominent role in clinicopathologic conferences and autopsy conferences, and will assist in the training of first and second year residents.


Three years of training in anatomic pathology or four years combined anatomic and clinical pathology are preferred, but not an absolute requirement. Alternatively, Yale is now offering the AP/NP track, which combines 2 years of residency training in anatomic pathology with 2 years of fellowship training in neuropathology.


Stipends commensurate with hospital policy.

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